Saturday, February 28, 2015

This is Trent- This week I got a random text from a man named Gabriel. As you can see he is in the MTC as an investigator that has been meeting with Tyler and his companion. They teach him the lessons in Spanish. You can read for your own words how he feels about TJ. It was un expected and I loved it and yes I cried. I had the chance one night to stop a car full of missionaries in Golden last year. OH the joy I had in taking a picture and sending it to his mom. 

Tyler is finishing his 6 weeks of Spanish and training this week. He got his flight plans and will leave Provo on March 9th. He leaves in the morning fly's into Georgia, connects to a night flight to Argentina and will get there at 7am local time. He will travel with 8 other missionaries. We are excited because we get to talk with him on the phone prior to his flight out of Salt Lake. The missionaries will be met at the airport by the Mission Presdient, his wife and other missionaries. It is my understanding that they will take them, tour Buenos Aires, and send the night in the mission home. The next day he will be assigned a "trainer" and be assigned to an area. Thats when the fun starts! 

I wanted to share something else that is very sacred and special to our family and to Tyler.  Last Saturday Tyler asked me to reach out to X's mom Honey and ask if he could have some of X's ashes to take with him to Argentina. She loved the idea. So as of this writing, Tyler has a little bit of his buddy with him and will be making the trip with Elder John. :) 

This week i've worked a lot on writing the little inspirations i get throughout the day. We learned a lot about how the spirit talks to us this week. Somehow we've all developed this idea that when God talks to us it has to be through this miraculous voice in sky or some feeling to do something that we notice instantly as his voice in us. but I've realized/learned that he puts tiny little ideas and impressions in our hearts and minds all the time, but we usually disregard them because "I wasn't sure if it was my own thought or i didn't think it was from God because i didn't have some overwhelming powerful feeling." Ive learned that it doesn't matter. Do it and find out. write down the little ideas you get and do em. most times we won't know until after we do it. I've found this week that the little things i write down to work on or study have been my best ideas/inspiration. if i wouldve said," yeah thats a stupid idea my mind just came up with" i never wouldve grown and got these good ideas. but i applied em and theyve helped me out :) 

Monday - a lot of my friends left this week. so that was weird adjusting to them being gone. oh well.
tuesday - nada
wednesday - saw some kid from efy who just got here on my floor so that was funny/cool
thursday - nada
friday - nada either

We play basketball almost every day at gym time... tbh im not that bad. i usually get picked pretty quick ;) other than that. nothing else is going on. learned a lot of spanish. still wont have a clue what anybody is saying in arg though! ive just accepted it. hahaha. excited to get there! love you guys. have a great week

Some of these pictures he has sent are people he met over the years at EFY, and teachers in the MTC. Not sure who is who.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Another week in the brick city

Tyler has told us that he has had several nose bleeds. I think the title of this fits the reason why. Not outside much, building to building. He is in good spirits and were excited for him. He is excited to help with the new districts  and new missionaries  coming into the MTC. Trent 

ill just go through the week and share some fun things that happened. my notebook that i write about things i want to talk about is empty.... hahahahah.

saturday. nothing good really. it was an awesome temple trip and i loved talking to all of you guys! its always my favorite part of the week haha. 
sunday. they made me and tingey zone leaders. so basically were in charge of our 3 classrooms of kids and 4 when the new district gets here wednesday. i think they get here wednesday. thatll be exciting! 
monday. nothing
tuesday. same
wednesday. i hosted a super cool islander looking kid from melbourne australilia. then a kid from north dakota. turns out he has wanted to get baptized since he was 16 and his parents wanted him to have absolutely nothing to do with this church and it really took a toll on their relationship. but he told me something like, " the gospel has changed my life so much that i wanted to get baptized and change my life. so i waited til i was 18 got baptized, decided my life had changed so much that i wanted to share it with others so i started my papers and then im here 6 months later!!" it was pretty cool. his parents weren't supporting him joining the church or going on a mission. they didn't want him to do it. but he said " their hearts had been softened about it" over the past few months and his dad volunteered to drive him the 20 hour drive from north dakota all the way here. they are now proud of him and ill tell ya more later. i told him id talk to him at dinner tonight. super cool kid.
thursday. nada
friday. nothing memorable.
saturday!!!! wooooohooo!! this week went by so fast its crazy. 

my spanish is coming along pretty good. i probably talk like an extra stupid 4th grader but i know itll come to me eventually so im not too worried. i work really hard and its turning out good so far.

one thing i did start doing was i made a bunch of goals for myself in every aspect of my life and every day i look at them and see what i can do today to meet those goals. its actually helped a lot. and i also have inspiration notebook where i write down those little thoughts that pop in to my mind here and there that seem insignificant but ive noticed that those are the best ideas i ever get. they really help me, but if i dont write them down theyre gone! 
love you guys :) talk to you soon

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Everybody is jealous of how much mail i get. usually a few dear elders and a letter. i get some packages too but everybody is jealous of the dear elders. ;)

i figure mom would want to know about the food? so the food is ranges from terrible to not bad. they always have so many desserts like donuts and cake and byu icecream. they have the best icecream sandwhiches ever i think theyre blue bell. i still haven't gotten fat yet ;) i think thats cuz i still workout most mornings that we dont have early service to do. i feel like ill get pretty buff in arg ;) they also have tons of cereal, like honey nut scooters and all those knock off cereals. i love the coco puffs ;) no suprise to mom i havent eaten any of the scooters hahahaha. and every friday we have papa johns so far so i havent missed a pizza night yet :) 

alrighty here was my week. first off let me remind you you have my schedule on one drive and can see what im doing at any given moment ;)

saturday nothing rememberable happened. we went to the temple and that was super cool!! i always love going in there cuz its so beautiful and quiet and peaceful and you just feel so close to 
God in there. looking forward to that today. oh and i got a haircut! i like it :) pictures are coming.

sunday is our temple walk day. and it is the opposite of a day of rest. we have to wake up earlier than normal, we have a ton of study time, as if we don't study enough during the week. we have temple walks though and the temple is the only pretty place to take pictures so imagine my joy when everybody wants to take group pictures. hahaha. 

monday i cant think of anything that happened. just a normal day i guess.

tuesday we have service and i think we just mopped floors so that was a normal day too. 

wednesday we hosted!!! we host again this week. we stand at the curb and help people unload and get to their classes and rooms and collect all their material things. ive never seen more people cry in my life. i didnt cry tho ;) some of the families are comical though. so funny to see everybody. im glad its not my first week here!! 

thursday for service we had to go to the big 5 story building and take these chair desk things from the 5th floor to the 2nd floor which was the ground floor. for 90 minutes. it was terrible but it got the blood going. service is basically forced slave labor. 

yesterday was pretty usual. time is flying by and the days kinda all mix together. i have a notebook where i write things i want to email about. todays page was filled with that hermana hunter story. 
oh side note our 3 classroom blocks have one block for all our studying on our own and thte other ones we have teachers come on. yesterday we did this activity with the other classes on the floor and the people from the class who has been here from 5 weeks were telling me after the activity stuff like: dang i wish i had you on my team your spanish is really good! and other people were like yeah ive heard youre the spanish legend. idk i don't think im that good. im decent. i have so much to learn still. but it was nice to get compliments like that :) itll make mom proud ;) thats all for this week. got a low key day ahead of me. the weeks are going by pretty fast. ill be back on at 9 to send pics and stuff! i love you guys and miss you more than i know! but at the same time im glad i have this adventure in front of me and im happy im here. love you guys!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

At our devotional tuesday night the president of the mtc invited this kid from syria to come up and share his testimony. it was so cool. he's the first missionary to serve from syria. when isis came through his family ran away to lebanon where they would be safe ( his family was clearly pretty prominent) super cool and interesting guy.suuper powerful testimony too. 

on my floor in my zone of guys we have multiple kids who can speak 3+ languages. my favorite is saforov. he's from russia and he can speak dutch portugeuse, english, russian (native language) french english and a few others. it totals out to 7 languages. 

hermano dia( my teacher from lst time) brought in his argentina tie, i didn't know he had one, but everybody from my old group had signed it, except me. so i signed it and now his tie is complete. it was super cool.  that's about it. everything else is pretty boring
Hey fellas. Lots of things happened and I don't know how to piece em together so heres my first almost week!

My comp is mckay tingey. super cool dude. we get along we have a lot in common and we laugh a lot. The other dudes in our room are Child and Warner. First time i met warner he was trying to walk up the stairs to our room and was dropping his crap everywhere. He was so flustered it was hilarious. Theyre cool dudes. The kids on our floor are super cool. I meet like 2-3 new people a day who i actually say hi to after I meet em. 

Lane bird sent me a bunch of churchy socks.. Caught me off guard but whatever free socks thanks man.

I LOVE THE LETTERS. I get the letters at night now. We pick up the mail after dinner and I get to read them before bed and they all make me smile. Pierson's handwritten ones were great they were so funny and cute. 

So usually I take an apple from the cafeteria and save it for when I get hungry, so far I havent been hungry very much.

Anyway here's my cool story from yesterday. Every day has been hard, every day has its ups and it's downs. Yesterday I was really struggling with everything. I didn't like what I was doing I missed home a lot. it was pizza night too and that added more to everything! i knew laur and everybody would be at home and i wouldn't and it made me super home sick. So Savio ( our spanish teacher) had us all find a quiet  room and say an out loud prayer for 10 minutes and listen to the response. I did and it was weird not gonna lie but i asked for happiness comfort and to be excited. Anyway class finishes and i go to dinner. What do they have? PAPA FREAKING JOHNS. I was so excited i could've cried. God's way of giving me a hug that night. by the way it was great. THEN i go back to class and my old teacher, hermano Day was there. I sat down and he didn't notice me. I answered one of his questions as he wrote on the board and then he turned around and saw me and he looked like he saw a ghost. He was so happy. He couldn't believe it. I got up and hugged him. almost made me cry too. he wants me to sign hs argentina tie tomorrow. I honestly tear up when i think of those two things yesterday.A bunch of answered prayers yesterday. They weren't coinicidences. or whatever i cant spell lol. so super cool stuff yesterday. I'll try to figure out pictures here in a minute. Love you guys and i mss all of you more than you can imagine. wish i could talk every day. Love you guys!

Ps yesterday i had a full out convo with some dude who only spoke spanish. he was from mexico going to cambodia and was stunned i had only 3 days of spanish. The gift of tongues that's talked about in the bible is real! and it's freakin crazy! Love you fellas