Saturday, February 14, 2015


Everybody is jealous of how much mail i get. usually a few dear elders and a letter. i get some packages too but everybody is jealous of the dear elders. ;)

i figure mom would want to know about the food? so the food is ranges from terrible to not bad. they always have so many desserts like donuts and cake and byu icecream. they have the best icecream sandwhiches ever i think theyre blue bell. i still haven't gotten fat yet ;) i think thats cuz i still workout most mornings that we dont have early service to do. i feel like ill get pretty buff in arg ;) they also have tons of cereal, like honey nut scooters and all those knock off cereals. i love the coco puffs ;) no suprise to mom i havent eaten any of the scooters hahahaha. and every friday we have papa johns so far so i havent missed a pizza night yet :) 

alrighty here was my week. first off let me remind you you have my schedule on one drive and can see what im doing at any given moment ;)

saturday nothing rememberable happened. we went to the temple and that was super cool!! i always love going in there cuz its so beautiful and quiet and peaceful and you just feel so close to 
God in there. looking forward to that today. oh and i got a haircut! i like it :) pictures are coming.

sunday is our temple walk day. and it is the opposite of a day of rest. we have to wake up earlier than normal, we have a ton of study time, as if we don't study enough during the week. we have temple walks though and the temple is the only pretty place to take pictures so imagine my joy when everybody wants to take group pictures. hahaha. 

monday i cant think of anything that happened. just a normal day i guess.

tuesday we have service and i think we just mopped floors so that was a normal day too. 

wednesday we hosted!!! we host again this week. we stand at the curb and help people unload and get to their classes and rooms and collect all their material things. ive never seen more people cry in my life. i didnt cry tho ;) some of the families are comical though. so funny to see everybody. im glad its not my first week here!! 

thursday for service we had to go to the big 5 story building and take these chair desk things from the 5th floor to the 2nd floor which was the ground floor. for 90 minutes. it was terrible but it got the blood going. service is basically forced slave labor. 

yesterday was pretty usual. time is flying by and the days kinda all mix together. i have a notebook where i write things i want to email about. todays page was filled with that hermana hunter story. 
oh side note our 3 classroom blocks have one block for all our studying on our own and thte other ones we have teachers come on. yesterday we did this activity with the other classes on the floor and the people from the class who has been here from 5 weeks were telling me after the activity stuff like: dang i wish i had you on my team your spanish is really good! and other people were like yeah ive heard youre the spanish legend. idk i don't think im that good. im decent. i have so much to learn still. but it was nice to get compliments like that :) itll make mom proud ;) thats all for this week. got a low key day ahead of me. the weeks are going by pretty fast. ill be back on at 9 to send pics and stuff! i love you guys and miss you more than i know! but at the same time im glad i have this adventure in front of me and im happy im here. love you guys!

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