Saturday, February 21, 2015

Another week in the brick city

Tyler has told us that he has had several nose bleeds. I think the title of this fits the reason why. Not outside much, building to building. He is in good spirits and were excited for him. He is excited to help with the new districts  and new missionaries  coming into the MTC. Trent 

ill just go through the week and share some fun things that happened. my notebook that i write about things i want to talk about is empty.... hahahahah.

saturday. nothing good really. it was an awesome temple trip and i loved talking to all of you guys! its always my favorite part of the week haha. 
sunday. they made me and tingey zone leaders. so basically were in charge of our 3 classrooms of kids and 4 when the new district gets here wednesday. i think they get here wednesday. thatll be exciting! 
monday. nothing
tuesday. same
wednesday. i hosted a super cool islander looking kid from melbourne australilia. then a kid from north dakota. turns out he has wanted to get baptized since he was 16 and his parents wanted him to have absolutely nothing to do with this church and it really took a toll on their relationship. but he told me something like, " the gospel has changed my life so much that i wanted to get baptized and change my life. so i waited til i was 18 got baptized, decided my life had changed so much that i wanted to share it with others so i started my papers and then im here 6 months later!!" it was pretty cool. his parents weren't supporting him joining the church or going on a mission. they didn't want him to do it. but he said " their hearts had been softened about it" over the past few months and his dad volunteered to drive him the 20 hour drive from north dakota all the way here. they are now proud of him and ill tell ya more later. i told him id talk to him at dinner tonight. super cool kid.
thursday. nada
friday. nothing memorable.
saturday!!!! wooooohooo!! this week went by so fast its crazy. 

my spanish is coming along pretty good. i probably talk like an extra stupid 4th grader but i know itll come to me eventually so im not too worried. i work really hard and its turning out good so far.

one thing i did start doing was i made a bunch of goals for myself in every aspect of my life and every day i look at them and see what i can do today to meet those goals. its actually helped a lot. and i also have inspiration notebook where i write down those little thoughts that pop in to my mind here and there that seem insignificant but ive noticed that those are the best ideas i ever get. they really help me, but if i dont write them down theyre gone! 
love you guys :) talk to you soon

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  1. Dry air, dry nose. That's the grandma ladies opinion...Xoxoxox