Saturday, February 7, 2015

At our devotional tuesday night the president of the mtc invited this kid from syria to come up and share his testimony. it was so cool. he's the first missionary to serve from syria. when isis came through his family ran away to lebanon where they would be safe ( his family was clearly pretty prominent) super cool and interesting guy.suuper powerful testimony too. 

on my floor in my zone of guys we have multiple kids who can speak 3+ languages. my favorite is saforov. he's from russia and he can speak dutch portugeuse, english, russian (native language) french english and a few others. it totals out to 7 languages. 

hermano dia( my teacher from lst time) brought in his argentina tie, i didn't know he had one, but everybody from my old group had signed it, except me. so i signed it and now his tie is complete. it was super cool.  that's about it. everything else is pretty boring

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