Saturday, February 7, 2015

Hey fellas. Lots of things happened and I don't know how to piece em together so heres my first almost week!

My comp is mckay tingey. super cool dude. we get along we have a lot in common and we laugh a lot. The other dudes in our room are Child and Warner. First time i met warner he was trying to walk up the stairs to our room and was dropping his crap everywhere. He was so flustered it was hilarious. Theyre cool dudes. The kids on our floor are super cool. I meet like 2-3 new people a day who i actually say hi to after I meet em. 

Lane bird sent me a bunch of churchy socks.. Caught me off guard but whatever free socks thanks man.

I LOVE THE LETTERS. I get the letters at night now. We pick up the mail after dinner and I get to read them before bed and they all make me smile. Pierson's handwritten ones were great they were so funny and cute. 

So usually I take an apple from the cafeteria and save it for when I get hungry, so far I havent been hungry very much.

Anyway here's my cool story from yesterday. Every day has been hard, every day has its ups and it's downs. Yesterday I was really struggling with everything. I didn't like what I was doing I missed home a lot. it was pizza night too and that added more to everything! i knew laur and everybody would be at home and i wouldn't and it made me super home sick. So Savio ( our spanish teacher) had us all find a quiet  room and say an out loud prayer for 10 minutes and listen to the response. I did and it was weird not gonna lie but i asked for happiness comfort and to be excited. Anyway class finishes and i go to dinner. What do they have? PAPA FREAKING JOHNS. I was so excited i could've cried. God's way of giving me a hug that night. by the way it was great. THEN i go back to class and my old teacher, hermano Day was there. I sat down and he didn't notice me. I answered one of his questions as he wrote on the board and then he turned around and saw me and he looked like he saw a ghost. He was so happy. He couldn't believe it. I got up and hugged him. almost made me cry too. he wants me to sign hs argentina tie tomorrow. I honestly tear up when i think of those two things yesterday.A bunch of answered prayers yesterday. They weren't coinicidences. or whatever i cant spell lol. so super cool stuff yesterday. I'll try to figure out pictures here in a minute. Love you guys and i mss all of you more than you can imagine. wish i could talk every day. Love you guys!

Ps yesterday i had a full out convo with some dude who only spoke spanish. he was from mexico going to cambodia and was stunned i had only 3 days of spanish. The gift of tongues that's talked about in the bible is real! and it's freakin crazy! Love you fellas

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