Saturday, February 28, 2015

This is Trent- This week I got a random text from a man named Gabriel. As you can see he is in the MTC as an investigator that has been meeting with Tyler and his companion. They teach him the lessons in Spanish. You can read for your own words how he feels about TJ. It was un expected and I loved it and yes I cried. I had the chance one night to stop a car full of missionaries in Golden last year. OH the joy I had in taking a picture and sending it to his mom. 

Tyler is finishing his 6 weeks of Spanish and training this week. He got his flight plans and will leave Provo on March 9th. He leaves in the morning fly's into Georgia, connects to a night flight to Argentina and will get there at 7am local time. He will travel with 8 other missionaries. We are excited because we get to talk with him on the phone prior to his flight out of Salt Lake. The missionaries will be met at the airport by the Mission Presdient, his wife and other missionaries. It is my understanding that they will take them, tour Buenos Aires, and send the night in the mission home. The next day he will be assigned a "trainer" and be assigned to an area. Thats when the fun starts! 

I wanted to share something else that is very sacred and special to our family and to Tyler.  Last Saturday Tyler asked me to reach out to X's mom Honey and ask if he could have some of X's ashes to take with him to Argentina. She loved the idea. So as of this writing, Tyler has a little bit of his buddy with him and will be making the trip with Elder John. :) 

This week i've worked a lot on writing the little inspirations i get throughout the day. We learned a lot about how the spirit talks to us this week. Somehow we've all developed this idea that when God talks to us it has to be through this miraculous voice in sky or some feeling to do something that we notice instantly as his voice in us. but I've realized/learned that he puts tiny little ideas and impressions in our hearts and minds all the time, but we usually disregard them because "I wasn't sure if it was my own thought or i didn't think it was from God because i didn't have some overwhelming powerful feeling." Ive learned that it doesn't matter. Do it and find out. write down the little ideas you get and do em. most times we won't know until after we do it. I've found this week that the little things i write down to work on or study have been my best ideas/inspiration. if i wouldve said," yeah thats a stupid idea my mind just came up with" i never wouldve grown and got these good ideas. but i applied em and theyve helped me out :) 

Monday - a lot of my friends left this week. so that was weird adjusting to them being gone. oh well.
tuesday - nada
wednesday - saw some kid from efy who just got here on my floor so that was funny/cool
thursday - nada
friday - nada either

We play basketball almost every day at gym time... tbh im not that bad. i usually get picked pretty quick ;) other than that. nothing else is going on. learned a lot of spanish. still wont have a clue what anybody is saying in arg though! ive just accepted it. hahaha. excited to get there! love you guys. have a great week

Some of these pictures he has sent are people he met over the years at EFY, and teachers in the MTC. Not sure who is who.

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