Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 6-8 (week 1&2 ARG)

Trent is going to piece this together the best I can. Tyler has adjusted well to where he is and says he has met a lot of very nice people. He enjoys his companion which is a great thing in the field. He is grateful for those that will be patient with him in his Spanish learning curve. He gave a 20 minute talk the first week in church, in Spanish. He is not stressed about the language, but he does like it when people are understanding with him. Brooke and I are glad he is where he is and not in the middle of BA in city life. His buns are adjusting to riding a bike everywhere. Based on the pictures his Apt is very nice which is always helpful. Their days are scheduled very different due to the Argentina culture and their daily schedules. They are teaching several people and families. Somehow he and his companion LOCKED themselves inside the Church...not sure how this happened...SMH. 

Elder John takes pictures of his daily journal and uploads those and Brooke and I will convert that to text during the week to post. So for this week you get me to update. . Trent

LDS chapel in 25 de Mayo


Youth activity with the youth and Sister Missionaries. 

Someone has a FLAT tire:(

Another missionary left some maple syrup, so it got used!

NICE space by ANY mission standards. He still needs to make his bed! 

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